Thursday, August 27, 2009

"The Students"

My husband works at North Greenville University as a campus minister. We live very close to the campus. Jody LOVES his job. I love it too! My kids are so funny always talking about "the students". They wonder if "the students" have parents or why "the students" have to go to school and stop playing with them.

Its great. Its so good for my kids. They are learning social skills. They have all these big brothers and sisters who love to hear their jokes, get them some icecream in the dining hall, or play sidewalk chalk in our driveway. The see how our home is open to friends.

A new batch of students have come in. The kids and I haven't met too many of them yet, but we sure are glad to have the returning ones back! We LOVE when they stop by on their way to and from campus. We LOVE to have extra dinner guests. I love the qualified babysitters. I love how when we go to the dining hall I have all these extra hands.

The students do so much for us. I hope my kids grow into young people like many of them.

Hospitality is an ongoing life lesson, I think. When we lived in Uganda, I was thrust into this role I wasn't prepared for. Its so easy to just say, I'm tired or we need family time. Both of those are often true, don't get me wrong, but if that is my excuse everytime, I'm being selfish! I've learned that always being ready to make some coffee and sit on the couch is not only what a student might need, but it ministers to my soul too! The dining hall is a great treat for my little family to go to, I don't have to cook or clean, but the students enjoy a home cooked meal, eaten with a family as a treat too.

And I love to cook. I love to bake and not feel guilty about our family eating the whole cake. So I bake when Jody's leadership group comes over every week.

I doubt anyone who stops by my house would say that I have such a clean house. Or that they love the way I decorate. Or that they want 4 kids close together like I have. But I do hope they can say we set an example of sharing willingly what we have. I hope they return the favor someday to friends who stop by their homes and need to talk or have a meal. Besides, its really fun!!

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