Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Day

So Thursdays are the day that all my kids are in school. I've been using Thursdays to clean the house and catch up on stuff. Today I had an OB appointment and haircut scheduled. But boy was it a weird day.

My OB appointment was uneventful. No news, everything is fine. And that's wonderful!

Then I stopped by to visit a college friend and her new baby. (Tara Hall Burch) I haven't seen her in a LONG time. I didn't have much time, but it was very nice to see her and hold her sweet new son.

On my way to get my hair cut, the director of the preschool called me and said Luke was having a hard time. He was crying uncontrollably and nothing was calming him down. I thought about canceling my haircut, but I really needed a haircut. So I called my dad and he rushed right over and picked Luke up and took him to their house. are not going to believe the middle of my haircut, the preschool called again! Hattie was having a melt down. She had asked me for yogurt for lunch, but then we had yogurt for breakfast. So I told her I was packing applesauce instead. I guess she forgot because when her friend pulled out yogurt, she apparently snatched it and thought it was hers. The teacher could NOT convince her that it wasn't hers. I told the teacher to remind her that she had yogurt for breakfast.

I guess it worked because they didn't call me back and when I picked her up at normal time she was fine.

When I got to my parent's house, Luke was not feeling great but he was ok. He had a slight temperature and took a good nap. He seems fine now. Strange.

I half expected Silas's school to call me. The day I'm not close to the schools they all needed me. But Silas was fine. He said he had a bad day, but I don't know why.

Needless to say, everyone was tired. Jody is at BSU at North Greenville and all the kids were in the bed by 7:30 and asleep soon after. No school tomorrow or Monday, so I hope we can have a good uneventful long weekend.

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Pegsy said...

That's great your dad was able to help out by picking up Luke! I understand the part about REALLY needing a haircut! I just went for a haircut last night and it was long overdue. I'm so happy with it!