Thursday, October 30, 2008

What have I been doing?

I haven't had the baby yet...for those of you who may be wondering. But I have been super busy and super tired.

Tuesday my kids were SO bad, I don't even want blog about it! Jody was out of town all day Wednesday. And today I volunteered at Silas's school. First in the classroom and then at the little Halloween social. THEN we went to our church's fall festival. It was GREAT. But we needed to get back in time for Jody to go to BSU. In the evenings I've been entering bloggy giveaways...hope I win!

Tomorrow I go back to the doctor.


Stacy said...

I wonder who's going to go first? You having your baby, or me getting my braces off? :-) Sorry the kids were so bad the other day. I've been there, done that. It just plain stinks. Especially when you're too exhausted to even blog about it! I need to call you soon!

Tasha Via said...

I LOVE that last one. Hattie is BEAUTIFUL! Hope you have TONS of energy today=)

jerry.jennings said...

I love that picture of the kids by the tree. They look grand. Sorry you're getting so tired. Maybe it'll be a lot easier with 4. ha ha I can't believe it's almost time for my number 8th. I'm so blessed. I know she'll be beautiful. Can't wait. I've still got Jody's message on my cell phone when he left me a message about Luke being born. "Hey you" turned into Lukey. ha ha Judi is sitting on ready.

Pops (Jerry)

Kathy - mom of many said...

I'll be praying for you and the delivery. Did you end up winning anything on the bloggy giveaway carnival? So far (because I know some aren't ending for a while) I have won earrings, a baby blanket, scents from Bath & Body Works, and children's book.
Can't wait to hear about your birth story soon.