Sunday, October 19, 2008

Top Ten Weekend

Here's the Top Ten Best things that happened for the Jennings family this weekend:

  1. Jody's truck is fixed! (Thanks to Seth, Dustin, my dad, and Jody)
  2. We picked out our pumpkins for carving
  3. Jody let me sleep in on Friday, since Silas didn't have school.
  4. Silas's teacher had great things to say about him at our conference.
  5. The weather was gorgeous.
  6. We found a missing library book on the boy's book shelf.
  7. The Bulldogs won = happy husband
  8. Apple season + Nana's visit = homemade applesauce and apple butter
  9. Our Sunday School class gave us a baby shower at church...diapers and wipes!
  10. Lots of quality family time spent.


ktbaggott said...

What church are ya'll going to? We are still on a church hunt :(

Tasha Via said...

I like #7. Anything to make the hubby happy=)