Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Living Close to My Parents

There are so many nice things about living close to my parents now.

Yesterday they came over at suppertime and ate with us. Then my dad helped Jody get the popup camper ready for our trip this weekend. My mom made milkshakes and cleaned the kitchen while I bathed the kids. Then my mom mopped our little back porch, my dad and Jody hung 3 sets of blinds and I cleaned the "Little People" toys that had gotten dirty on the porch. (I had a sit down job, how bout that?)

I was so tired when they left, but SO thankful to have my parents here to help!


Stacy said...

Well, you know, if you still lived close to us, I'd help you out like that too! :-) Okay, I might not have mopped your floor.

Tasha Via said...

Well it's about time. You did live in a completely different COUNTRY than them and then several STATES away. I'm so glad you are at a time in your lives that you can be close=)

Hooray for sit down jobs too!!

Mylinda said...

I'm glad you're appreciating the time you have with your parents. My parents moved away when Savannah was just 2 mos. old, so the kids have never lived near them. It is such a blessing for you to be able to be near them at this time. Enjoy it. :-) It makes even the mundane things special!!