Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Thanks for all the concern about Jody. He's feeling back to normal today and I am SO glad. Mainly because I cannot kick this cold/sinus thing and I was tell Jesus that we cannot both be sick here! Thankfully my prayer has been answered and Jody went into work today and is feeling fine! Now, I just have to get him to agree to see an allergist. He says there's no need, but the ER docs and others disagree.
If you have any suggestions on how to get him to go, I'm open to that. Other than next time your airway will close and you will probably die OR I don't care. (I've already used both of those!)

The weather is wonderful here. Around noon it was 71.

The baby is a girl. I guess I never officially said this. Sorry...I wasn't not saying that on purpose. But we don't put all our stock in that verdict. We were told Silas was a girl...twice, 2 different ultrasounds...and SURPRISE. We don't have a definite name. Although if I did, I probably wouldn't post it, because I would be talked out of it and I HATE that!

I'd like to leave you with some new vocab words, compliments of my children:

BOYLEY: adj - used like girly, only in the male context. ex: I only like girly things, not boyley things.

POOP-PED: past-tense for poop. ex: Mom, I poop-ped, change my dipa.


Tasha Via said...

Love the new vocab.=)
Glad to hear Jody is feeling better!

Stacy said...

LOL! I like poop-ped. Tell Jody to be responsible and think about your children!! If he doesn't want to do it for him, do it for THEM! How awful would that be to see your Dad die from a bee sting! Tell him about the total fear they will have of bees their entire life, so he should save them the embarrassment of screaming, swatting and running every time they see a bee!

Pegsy said...

"Boyley" - that's a great word!!

I now what you mean with getting talked out of baby names. People are WAY too opinionated when it comes to OTHER people's baby name choices. You should have heard my in-laws when we told them the baby boy in my belly would be named Sky!! Other people were a little worried as well...