Friday, December 21, 2007

Biggest Loser

I didn't watch the entire Biggest Loser season. But I do just love the premise of the show. I love to see people's lives change. I think the next season with couples will be pretty good too.

I watch these pe0ple lose all this weight. They are so much healthier. I know they are proud of themselves and what they accomplished. Its AMAZING!

Its really just like when Jesus changes someones life. Its more dramatic. Its a change that is real and lasting, whereas 90% of the people who lose all that weight gain it back.

I love to see, on the Biggest Loser, the before and after shots. I love to see and hear about before and afters of people who are transformed because of what Jesus has done in them even more.

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Jerry said...

So very true. I'm so happy that God is still changing hearts today, especially in all my grands. Because He is working thru their parents, grandparents, and church family, to change their hearts. I'm glad that all my children are raising up all of them in the awareness that God is there, and loves us all, and for sure, wants all of us to be His, children of God. Keep the faith. Dad