Saturday, December 29, 2007


Does anyone know what Floam is? If you don't, try and keep it that way.

Silas has begged for floam for a long time. Its like 9 bucks, and I always refuse to buy it. But a few months back, I saw some for like $4, so I bought it as a stocking stuffer. He was SO excited about it.

What a mistake. He ended up hating it too.

Its this nasty, sticky/slimy stuff with little Styrofoam balls in it. Its so sticky, you cant get it off your hands. You are supposed to form it into something or on something. Of course I ended up doing it, because Silas couldn't get it to go from his hands to the object we were sticking it on.

I HATE when I buy something that ends up being a complete waste, don't you? Ugh.


Stacy said...

I've seen those wonderful Floam commercials and they make it look so easy. I haven't fallen for it. We have a hard enough time with Play-Doh, I'm not even going there with floam!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's about as nice as moon sand.If we had all of the money we spent on junk for the kids, we might could pay off the house.


Jed said...

Something else that we didnt like that we got for Christmas was the new Electronic Monopoly... The poor anker has to swipe cards on every single turn... It stinks to be the banker..The idea, while good in theory, was not well thought out... It takes away from the game!

Anonymous said...

My family thinks Floam is great. We usually rub our hands in butter before playing with it. That REALLY helps a lot! Don't use margarine...only butter. Try it and you will be hooked!
- Susan

Mylinda said...

My second daughter also asked for floam for years with me always saying no. Finally, last year I saw a multi-colored pack for a pretty good price, which she got for Christmas. But, unfortunately, she hated it, too. She was 12 and still couldn't really do anything with it. She tried and tried (I wouldn't touch the stuff!), but was so disappointed that it was so sticky and uncooperative. Good lesson that all is not as it seems. :-)