Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Count Down has begun

Silas has this incredible memory. Its kind of annoying. He has been HOUNDING me about the count down chain. At first I didn't even know what he was talking about. I had pretty much forgot about the chain I made last year.

He reminded me that I made a paper chain, red and green, last year. Every morning we'd rip one off and be one day closer to Christmas.

So today finally cut out my little strips. I wrote something on the inside of each one that we will do that day special, like read an extra book at bed time or have a hot chocolate treat...stuff like that. Silas helped me staple them together. He noticed 2 things right away. I didn't use paper. ( I didn't have any red and green paper this year) I used that foamy stuff. The second thing was that I added white this year. (I didn't have enough red and green). And he kept saying, I wonder what that one says.

The chain is part of the tree garland. And as Silas went to bed tonight he said, "We get to take the first chain off in the morning, right mom?" Oh the excitement.


Stacy said...

Our neighbors gave us an Advent calendar that has windows to open each morning. They were fighting over who got to open the first window before it was even time. They have since been opening it together AND the bonus is that Gage gets Emma up in the morning and she hops right out of bed without any complaining. Gage also brought another "countdown" thing home from school. It is a picture of a Santa, and there are numbers written on his beard. On each day, you cover the number with a cotton ball. It's cute. Emma couldn't find the 25 spot until Gage pointed out it was the ball of Santa's hat! What fun!

Jed said...

what a great idea... I loved that you put stuff on the inside to do...that made a great idea even better!!!

Tasha Via said...

I love this!! Do you care if I steal your idea?

Karen said...

ditto to all the comments... I LOVE the idea!

Shaunna said...

My used to do this for us growing up. We LOVED it and still talk about it as a favorite tradition.
As we got older, we started peeking ahead, so my mom stopped writing in the rings ahead of time. She would get up early in the morning and write something in the rings so it would be a surprise. Just a "heads up" in case you run into this problem in the future.
I plan to do this for Tayva when she is old enough to appreciate it!

Kelly M. Parkison said...

Love the idea too...can't wait until my boy is older...(well I can, but you know what I mean) .have i also told you that Scott and I decided if we have another boy (I am not pregnant yet) :) that we want to name him silas? :)