Monday, December 3, 2007

First of all, just so you know, Jody did cut all that meat off the bone. It is currently in the freezer. And we made some delicious jerky.

I took Luke to the dr today for his 15month checkup and shots. The Dr saw immediately that he has an ear infection in EACH ear.

You know, when that happens, your heart just sinks. I can't believe I totally missed that. Poor baby. The only sign he gave me was that he was being pretty fussy the last couple of days. But no fever or loss of sleep. Isn't that pitiful.

Last night when I went to check on Hattie before I went to bed I had to leave the room quickly so I wouldn't wake her up with my laughing. She was laying on her back, arms spread out in a "T" shape. She had her blue hat and matching mittens on. It was SO funny.

Silas is really improving at hockey. He's enjoying it a lot. I think its more of a social thing to him. Several of his preschool friends are there. Its really a neat program. Its free and you can go Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday.

Tomorrow we are expecting sleet or freezing rain. I'd rather have snow!

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