Sunday, December 16, 2007


Well, yesterday, while Silas was playing with Snowcat (our gerbil), there was a terrible accident. Somehow Snowcat's claws got caught on the chair and when Silas tried to get him, he broke the gerbil's leg. Silas was crying, I was crying, Hattie was crying. Jody took the gerbil and put it in the cage. We looked up broken legs on a gerbil on the internet and basically it said that in 2 days, if its just a broken leg, the gerbil should be up an around.

All day we checked on him. Snowcat was still gnawing on cardboard. I saw his foot was bleeding and I think he was gnawing on it too, because he WASN'T bleeding at the original injury. On and off, Silas cried and prayed for his gerbil. When we went to bed, I checked on Snowcat and the kids. Everyone was breathing.

This morning, Snowcat was dead. He just looked asleep. Silas picked him up and started crying again. It was awful. I was so sad too. Hattie reminded Silas a few times today that "our gerbil is dead".

We are going to bury him in an empty toilet paper tube.

Jody found 2 guinea pigs for give away on Bisman Online and currently he is with Silas and Hattie. They were doing a little shopping and were going to "look at" the free guinea pigs.


Erin said...

Poor Silas. :( It is so hard to lost a loved pet. I hope that he feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

That is a terrible story! How do you think the gerbil died? I am so sorry. That must have been traumatic. What's your address, so I can send you a Christmas card? Email me! Kerri Packwood

Anonymous said...

"Hey George can I pet the rabbits? I promise to be gentle with the rabbits. Why can't I pet the rabbits, George?"

Couldn't help myself. Hope the Hamster hunting goes well.

BTW thanks for sending the cold weather down here. I thought all of our bushes were going to start blooming.

Jed said...

How sad!!! I almost cried reading about it!

Tasha Via said...

That is soooo sad=(

Jen said...

poor silas! i can't even begin to count the number of hamsters and gerbils we buried as children. we had quite the graveyard beside our house in waco! the best coffins were the old wooden old spice cologne boxes.