Monday, July 28, 2008

Cutting Fingernails

Isn't cutting your kids fingernails so hard? It always has been for our family. Jody flat out REFUSES to cut any nails but his own. He just doesn't want to hurt those little fingers.

I have only drawn blood once and that was when Silas was a tiny baby. But now, I'm told, I cut too short and that "feels funny". But I don't HURT them!

The other problem is that my kids are so reluctant to have their nails cut. WHY? I've already established that I have a good track record. I think Luke has just caught the vibe from Silas and Hattie and he just wants to make it a big deal because that's what you do. As soon as I get those clippers out the kids run and hide and make excuses as to why they don't need their nails cut.

Hattie wants her nails long now, so she HATES when I cut them. She is completely convinced that Pa (my dad) is the only one who can paint her nails and if they are too short they won't look good.

Now this week I had a break through with Luke. He LOVES the little song "Where is Thumpkin?". We've been singing it constantly. He always wants to name his fingers. So when I needed to cut his nails the other day, I told him things like, Ooh, Tall-man needs a hair cut. What about Thumpkin...etc. Let me just say, Luke sat stiller (is that a word) than he EVER has while I trimmed each nail. He didn't even run off when we were done. It was great!

Ha! Oh the little things in life.


Stacy said...

Hmmm........I'll have to try that one! We were just cutting Gage and Emma's nails tonight and I feel your pain. I don't understand what the big deal is? However, I have an aversion with the clippers myself. When I hear Scott using the nail clippers I just cringe. I can't stand to hear him using them because I know little pieces of nails are flying all over the place and rarely does he get them all picked up. I can't stand that! UGH!

Jeni said...

Nail cutting is traumatic for me as well ever since I cut little EB's finger and she kept bleeding and bleeding and bleeding...i hardly ever cut them and when I do they are still fairly long-congrats on your fourth little one - your family is so precious!

Jennifer Hambrick said...

I totally understand...why is is a universal thing for kids to hate it?
I have pretty much delegated that chore to Jeremiah, who is much better at it than me =)

ellieandavasmommy said...

Sounds familiar! Jeff won't cut the girls' nails! They don't seem to mind, though. Our problem is that their toes are so ticklish, they can't stand for me to cut their toe nails!! :-)

Pegsy said...

Yes, it seems that every mother has the same issue! Same here... Sara's not so bad, but Sky avoids those clippers like the plague! When I finally hold him down, he sits there and says "Ow, Ow, Ow," with every clip I make. But, there is no blood and he's not even flinching or jerking his hand back. So, I know it's all a big show! I ask if it hurts and he says "No, it tickles." Well, then why are we not laughing?!