Monday, July 14, 2008

The Tube

I am a mean mama. I don't let my kids watch very much TV.

I just don't want them to depend on TV for entertainment and happiness. I KNOW my life would be easier if I let them watch more. I wouldn't hear Silas constantly ask me, what are we going to do now? Or after this, what are we going to do? It annoys me, but I don't want to just stick them in front of the TV. Somedays we don't watch any. At the end of the day, Silas will say, We didn't watch TV!! Like we just forgot or something. But other days we will watch anywhere from 30 to 2 hours. If its 2 hours, that's like a special event! Ha!! And Silas is the only one who will watch that much.

Silas would sit in front of the TV for as long as I would allow too! Hattie's attention span isn't that long...she just isn't as interested. Luke is becoming more and more interested.

Now the other problem is that now they like different things. Silas is very serious. He likes exciting, complicated things. Trivial pre-school TV shows aren't his forte anymore. Hattie likes girly, fairy-tale type things. Luke loves pre-school things like Elmo.

So here are a few of our recent favs:
-Silas: Spiderwick Chronicles, Water Horse, Inspector Gadget, Looney Toones
-Hattie : Gigi (God's little princess), Cinderella, Strawberry Shortcake
-Luke: Elmo, Wonder Pets, Mickey Mouse
-Everyone: Veggie Tales, Magic School Bus, America's Funniest Home Videos

What are your kids watching?


Stacy said...

Is the Spiderwick Chronicles scary? We haven't watched that one yet because I didn't know for sure if it would be too scary? However, he made it through the Harry Potter movies without a problem and he's been way into Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean, along with Star Wars. I have the same opinion about television as you do. Both Gage and Emma could watch it all day long if I let them, and although I hate to admit it, I have let them a time or two! :-)

Anonymous said...

Tayva loves Barney and Boz.

Tasha Via said...

We are the same way. We very rarely watch TV and because of that they will hardly sit still for a whole show...unless it's Mary Poppins=) They love that movie and Nemo!

Karen said...

Carter is totally there with Silas! He really likes "Build it Bigger", "Mythbusters", and "Dirty Jobs"... I just have to be careful about the episodes... some have some bad words in them.

Hayden and Wyatt love Backyardigans, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Toodles to Wyatt), and Super Wy (PBS kids)

Tiffany said...

I found your blog by way of your sisters. I've never met her but I found her blog when I was reading her husband also pastors. Anyways...You caught my attention b/c I am due to deliver my 4th baby anyday now. I have a 4, 3, and almost 2 year old now. I am anxious to meet our new little guy. I keep hoping I go into labor tonight :) I look forward to checking in on your blog to see your progress. Have an awesome week with your growing belly!

Cluuccy said...

My parents were anti tv as well. So when we did certain chores we got poker chips, and we could turn those in for 30 minutes. It worked out rather well.

Anonymous said...


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