Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shopping with Grama B

So today I agreed to meet my mom and my almost 95yr old Grama B at the mall with all 3 kids. I RARELY go to the mall. I think we have been twice since moving to SC. Yeah. And only once did I bring the kids.

But they did great today.

Belk was having a good sale. (Oh yeah, Amanda Lee...good sale to stock up on next years' projected sizes...40% off clearance). My mom decided we could help Grama B pick out a few things to take back to Virginia with her. It was pretty funny.

Grama B was in a wheelchair. My kids were in the stroller...well in and out of it. They actually LOVED hiding in the clothes displays.

Grama B was throughly entertained watching the kids while my mom and I brought choices for her to see. She got some good stuff.

I also got a few school clothes for Silas and a couple things for Hattie. Jody asked me if I got anything for him and I told him I didn't even go in the men's Dpt. So I've got to try and get back there for him...maybe Saturday.

On a side note, Silas said something very funny to me. He said, "Mom, sometimes when you do something I remember that I dreamed about that thing you are doing right away." I thought that was a pretty good description of de ja vous. Don't you??

Oh, one more side 'bout those falling gas prices? I'm pretty excited about it. I saw gas for $3.59! What's the lowest you've seen it for?


Stacy said...

Seriously, $3.59/gallon? It's still around $3.79/gallon here!? Unless they went down while I wasn't looking? :-)

Cluuccy said...

It's $3.54 at the Ingles towards Wade Hampton.

Shawna said...

Thanks for stopping by Scamp's Place. I just have one child, and it's much easier to go with just her. I can't imagine 3. Our mall has a play place where we can shop a little while, then play for a long while, then shop.

Smellyann said...

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