Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun Times in Charlotte

Bethany, JJ, Silas, Luke, Hattie, and Caleb

JJ and Silas -- Buddies

Baby Graham

"The Cousins" at the park

Silas snorkling at the pool

Hattie being a water fountain

Lukey chillin in the pool

We just got back from a great couple of days in Charlotte! We spent one night with my college roommate Jill and her family. She has 3 kids the same ages as mine. The kids had a great time! And amazingly Jill and I got in some quality visiting time. Then we spent the night with my sister Holly. All the cousins had fun and got along very nicely. We went to the pool too! Always a plus!

Then when we got home, the kids spent the night with my parents. Jody and I were able to sleep in and then go to my OB visit. Everything with baby #4 is great. We also went on a few errands, kid-less! I got a new phone and I LOVE IT!!

What a great few days. Stay tuned for news on what we are working on at the house!!

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