Saturday, January 31, 2009

And the winner is.............

Silas Jennings!!

He stole the show. He didn't miss a word. Speaking of words, here are the words to the song, sang to the tune of Camp Grenada:

Hello Mudda. Hello Faddu.
Here I am at - kindergarten
think I’ll stay here
Since you live near
You can come and visit now and then thru the year

We have gerbils, guinea pigs
And I think I - have an ear wig
But at least it - isn’t head lice
You will like my haircut it looks really nice

We have zest quest. Art and PE
And on T days, we eat ice cream
I hate rest time
I love recess
And I think my teachers are the very best

Don’t you worry
Bout what I eat
Cause the Caf food, can’t be beat.
Hot Dogs burgers, quesadillas
and of course on every Friday we eat Pizza

Tigerville you are so awesome
Tigerville you watch us blossom
Everyday we play and learn good stuff
WE just can’t get enough

Wait a second, I hear Miss Duncan
She is calling all the munchkins
Guess I’ll see you in the car line
We can just come back tomorrow it will be fine.

I am trying to figure out how to get the video on the computer. If and when I do, I'll post it.


Tasha Via said...

Aww, he looks SO cute with his hat a little bow-tie=)

Becky M. said...

That is the cutest thing! I need a smile today.

Anonymous said...

Silas looks like a clone of your dad! It cracks me up! The same smile and goofy look! So cute! Congratulations, Silas! We LOVED your performance!

Erin said...

What a cutie pie!!! Congrats on his win! :)

Stacy said...

I can't believe he memorized that entire thing!! Well, yes I can. He is so adorable and those pictures totally remind me of his first Halloween parade at Preschool, dressed as a pirate! I can't wait to see the video!

Brian Alexander said...

did you do the video on a digital (still) camera or a actual video camera? Either way I might be able to help. Shoot me an email at

Anonymous said...



Pegsy said...

Oh, he is just the cutest! I would have loved to be there to see it all! That's a very impressive performance! I hope you can figure out the video...