Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Strep Throat

When Silas said he wasn't feeling good Sunday night before church, being the sympathetic person that I am, I told him he was fine, it was just allergies.

Then at like 2am he woke up with a high fever. Monday he was pretty pitiful. Sore throat, headache and an "itchy armpit". Today the armpit redness (which I thought was from itching it all day) had turned into a full body rash. I took him to the doctor and he has Strep Throat.

My mom graciously took the other 3 for me while I took Silas to the doctor. She bought some Popsicles per my request. As they were waiting for me and Silas she gave one to Luke and one to Hattie.

By the time we got home, Luke was red from the popsicle. His hands, his thighs, his carseat! Oh well.

I have decided that one of my talents is sleeping and getting my kids to sleep. HA! Silly I know, but I'd say its one of my core values...Jody likes talking about core values. Today I had ALL 4 asleep at the same time. Silas isn't usually here during nap time and if he is he doesn't sleep. But since he's sick, he did. It was NICE!

Then when they all got up, Hattie had a fever. I hope she doesn't have Strep, although I know its possible. Then Luke will have it. However, the doctor said the baby won't get it. Usually strep starts in children 18months and older. That's a relief.

Tomorrow Silas will still stay home, so I won't go to my Bible study. I hope he feels better though. And I really hope no one else gets worse. He will go to school Thursday if he's feeling better. That will give him a one day school week because Friday is a teacher work day.

Its going around...hope you all are fairing better at your house!


Pegsy said...

Aww, poor Silas! Strep is sooo awful! I hope no one else gets it - especially you. It's bad enough when your kids are sick, but when mom is sick... I'm thankful that we've been very healthy so far this winter. I was sick quite a bit in the fall, but somehow my kids escaped all of it.

J.E. said...

Matt and I would love to come meet you guys at the bagel place... What night is a good one for you? Is there a good night for a mom and dad of 4 to go out? Let me know. Hope the kiddos feel better soon.

Stacy said...

Poor Silas! I hope he gets to feeling better! It's no fun when you feel terrible and feel like you're swallowing razor blades!

Stacy said...

I pray Jody doesn't get it because he'll be the most pitiful one of all and THE MOST difficult one you'll have to care for!

Tasha Via said...

We are all well, today anyway=) Way to go on getting all 4 to sleep at one time! My 2 have decided that they don't want to sleep AT ALL today and I'm going a little crazy because Zeke absolutely NEEDS a nap still, AHH!
Well, I do hope Silas starts feeling better soon and that the nobody else gets it...

Erin said...

Oh man - sick kids are nooo fun! I hope Silas feels better soon. I love you talking about being a sympathetic mom - once my daughter told me as we were on the way to school that her tummy felt "weird." I told her it was just digesting her breakfast and she would be fine. Literally, five minutes after school starts, the nurse calls my classroom and says she threw up. Real mom of the year material here!