Friday, January 16, 2009

One of thos weeks

The kids have been sick and we've been in the house pretty much all week so I am using that as my excuse as to what happened yesterday.

I left in plenty of time, with Millie, to pick up Luke and Hattie from school and go to Target before that. My friend had told me they were marking down excess toys. They also marked down tons of clothes. So, I'm shopping with Millie. Filling my cart with birthday presents for Silas, Hattie, and random birthday party presents. Then I hit the clothes. It was WONDERFUL. 75% off of stuff...sweatshirts for 94 cents...

I looked at my phone to see what time it was and thought, I'd better get in line. Then my phone rang. It was the preschool director asking if I was coming to pick up my kids. I asked what time it was...2:10. I felt SICK, at that second I remembered that I was supposed get them at 2:00!!!! The Target lady told me they won't hold clearance items. So I parked the cart in the midst of ladies socks and ran to my car. I got there at like 2:23, apologized profusely (without explaining I had been shopping).

I felt so bad!! I forgot my kids AND wasn't going to get my cart full of stuff! I called Jody, all frazzled...I was going to be late to get Silas. Jody said to get Hattie and Luke and go back to Target and he'd get Silas for me at 2:30.

Great plan.

I got back to Target and found my cart untouched. Yay!! I kept shopping. Then at 3:30 Silas's school called asking if anyone was coming to pick him up. What?! I called Jody and he had let the time slip away.

I couldn't believe it!! What in the world happened to us?

It really messed up the rest of my day. Guilt just plagued me. I know it was a mistake, but I felt like such a bad mom.

The only redeeming factor was that we ate supper at the college and they had my FAVORITE icecream - Hersheys Chocolate Peanutbutter cup! I felt a little better after that.

SO I kept shopping.


Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

"Momma said there'd be days like this... there'd be days like this.. " ;)
Keep shopping OOOHH yeah!

Shaleen said...

Wow, what a sale. Don't beat yourself up - you're not a bad mommy - you were buying them GIFTS after all!

greta said...

LOL LOL.....sounds way too familiar...did i write this post?!?!? :) Love you girl.

Stacy said...

OH NO!!! I know you must feel terrible! I haven't actually forgotten my kids yet (it's coming!), but I've had other people forget my kids! :-) I'm not sure which is worse? Just look at it like this.......things can only get better, right? :-)

geisme said...

Emily, don't beat yourself up. Nothing happened to any one & in 10 years who'll know the difference??? Well okay, maybe 1 of the children will say, "Do you remember that time mom forgot us at preschool??"
Like everyone else said it happens to the best of us.

Erin said...

Haha! I am laughing because the only reason I haven't done the same thing is because I teach and my daughter walks over from her school to mine. Before that, she just walked to my room from her classroom. The few times I have been sick and she went to school, I was always one of the last ones to pick her up because I let time slip away. Don't beat yourself up - things like that happen!

Pegsy said...

Oh Emily! I was laughing and feeling sick for you all at the same time! What a DAY! Don't feel bad - you are an incredible mom and dont't you forget it.

When I babysat last year, I was always afraid that I would forget to pick up the kids at the bus stop. Well, I never did, but one day, their DAD called me in panic because the kids took the bus to MY house, when they were supposed to go to their own house! We were all freaking out till we found them safe at someone's home!

Anonymous said...

This sounds a lot more like something I would do...not you.
I love it!
It kinda helps me feel better about having JJ late on the first day of school.
It's awesome that you kept shopping!

Stephen and Tara said...

One time my mom just forgot to pick my sister up from school. She felt so bad about it. She was just at home and forgot what time it was. And she was a very attentive mom. Things like that just happen. I think every mom has something like that happen.

Emily Jennings said...

I just saw that I spelled my title wrong! It really was one of THOSE weeks!!