Monday, January 5, 2009

Potty Training Again

Silas was potty trained very early. (Granted he still wets the bed EVERY SINGLE night. The doctor told me that because he's such a sound sleeper his body doesn't produce whatever hormone it is that slows down urine production in other people. ) We lived in Uganda and he ran around like everyother Ugandan toddler...naked. I guess that's why he potty trained so easily. I think he was done with daytime diapers by 19months or so.

Hattie was easy too. I think she just loved to dress herself and she wanted to wear panties. And she loved to sit on her little potty while Silas sat on the other one. She was about 20 months.

Luke is a different story. He was 2 August 31st. He at first was terrified of the potty. More recently he will sit on the potty but not do anything. Then the last few weeks he will say, "I'm peeing a little bit right now, Mom." or "Don't come over here, I'm pooping in my diaper." Oh, and when I take his diaper off he wants another one on immediately. So, I think its time to work on this.

Today I decided he was not going to wear a diaper while we were home. He did pretty good. Until at one point I told him to go sit on the potty and he just started peeing on the carpet...while I was stuck on the couch nursing Millie.

Can you picture it? Can you hear me? SCREAMING - Stop, stop, stop. Then poor Millie starts crying because I scared her. Then Luke starts crying because he thinks he's in trouble. Ok, now its kind of funny.

I got him new Lightening McQueen undies...who cares? I bought some Diego big deal. He is just different from Hattie and Silas. And that is fine. I love that he's different. He's so funny. So, I can be patient as he is figuring out this potty training thing.

Oh well. We'll keep trying.


Erin said...

No tips on potty training as V was already potty trained when we adopted her, but I feel you on the nighttime stuff. She did nighttime pullups until she was 7 - and we still get her up before we go to bed to get her to potty. I bet Silas will grow out of it soon! Good luck with Luke - he is such a cutie!

Tasha Via said...

Good luck! It is SO hard to be patient for THEM to be ready. Your other 2 were so young but Luke sounds pretty normal for his age. He'll get the hang of it soon!

We are SO glad. Areyna is now sleeping at night with big girl undies (as of last night) and Zeke is only in a diaper for sleeping times. I've decided to keep buying diapers with CVS deals for the new baby so we aren't so overwhelmed when it gets here=)

Stacy said...

Oh no! I can just see you in that predicament.......nursing Millie while Lukey is peeing on the floor! My Dad always said he's never seen anyone get married who is still wearing diapers! :-)

Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

OK I laughed.. I'm sorry I did.. I could see it in my head.. and it was TOOO FUNNY!! I would totally be doing the same thing... yelling NO scaring the baby and making the toddler cry.. TOO FUNNY!!
Carter and Hayden both weren't potty trained until they were just past 3 yrs. He both however RARELY have nighttime accidents, so I can't help with that. I still have one more boy to go and he is NOT INTERESTED! If he's 16 and still in diapers I'll worry (OK even before that - they are just too expensive!)

Anonymous said...

I can't give advice - my older 2 were 3 1/2 - I have zero confidence in potty training #3 before age 3!!! But, hey, the older two potty trained completely literally overnight - from no potty at all to complete independence - they just had to be ready! Overnight - that's another story - just be sure he doesn't pee his pull-up just because it's easier than getting up (or, as #1 said - "mom, the floor's just too cold to get up!"). Kids!
Good luck!
Anne Dahmen

Pegsy said...

Oh, I laughed too! Cause I've done the exact same thing! I used to scare Sky when he was a baby because I was yelling at Sara! I'm just glad I'm not the only one!

Maybe this will make you feel better... Sara did not stay dry at night until the night of her 5th birthday. She was difficult to potty train as well - started after she was three and was still having major accidents at times a year later. She still leaks frequently. Sky was easily potty-trained in just a few days. I think it was just before or after he turned 2. He was 5 in November, and still wears an overnight Pull-Up every single night. That will even leak a lot of times because he's such a heavy wetter. (And heavy sleeper.) Bed wetting runs in my family, so I just buy lots of Pull-Ups and know that someday it will stop. My Grandpa, Dad, brother and 2 sisters all had problems.

Sarah M. said...

There you have it! there is really NO perfect one size fits all fix for potty training! Sorry sugar! I'd buy stock and give it away as a baby gift if there were!!! Our 5 were all different. Of course with the stair step nature of our kids' ages I totally relate to #1 potty training ( every year) #2 juggling nursing baby and other parenting issues! Our Jon literally trained himself and was the only one to stay dry at night right away. That was totally a God thing! I wasn't sure whether to train him before the new baby. All I ended up doing was helping him get on and off the toilet. Many prayers for your sanity!!

Mylinda said...

Boy am I glad my potty-training days are over!! lol Good luck!