Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Drawl

Tonight I had 13 girls at the bible study at University of Mary. Its a good group. They seem to really like the study, The Amazing Collection. Its kind of like a Beth Moore type where you watch a video and discuss. (or vice versa)

This series has several women who rotate teaching. They are very good. They are all Texans, I think. But tonight, the teacher had a real drawl. Now, growing up in Miami, I didn't live around many southerners. Then I met Jody...ha. Well, I learned to love that southern boy and his family. In college, in South Carolina, I made LOTS of southern friends. Sometimes I had to ask for them to spell a particular word they were saying...but I got used to it.

Here in North Dakota, Jody is a rare breed. He opens his mouth and people want to know where he is from. North Dakotans have a distinct accent.

Well, that lady on the video tonight was making these North Dakotan and Minnesotan girls giggle. Which of course made me giggle. I don't know how much they got out of the video tonight. Oh well, the discussion went well.

My MOM is arriving TOMORROW. We are so excited, this is the first time DeeDee has come to visit us.


JUDI said...

That southern drawl is kinda funny---even though I am probably pretty bad with it myself!!! I am so glad your mom is coming to visit! Wish I could hide out in her suitcase!!! (I think I am a "little" jealous!!) ENJOY!!! JUDI

GE is me said...

Emily, talk about accents- a)I never realized that people in OH had an accent until I'd been gone for a little while & came back- it is a bit on the southern side, but not as southern as TN or SC. b)living in New England talk about accents. Idea becomes ider, Mark becomes mock- Wow. Enjoy your visit with your Mom.

God Bless, -Gail

Jerry said...

I sounded like a yankee after 4 years in USAF. I wanted to help these poor, slow-talking people down here, when I returned. But, lo and behold, my talking slowed down to a drawl, just like everyone else. (darn it) Y'all come
now, you here! OooooKKkkkkkk?

Jerry Ben ( Dadddddddd-o )

Darren Plummer: said...

Hey, GREAT STUFF! 13 girls?? Wow... that's awesome, E! Praying for you guys... keep up the great work!!

D-Plum :-)

Anonymous said...

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