Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I feel like I am going everywhere twice today.

The dentist office called me yesterday to remind me that Silas and Hattie had appointments Tuesday at 10:30. I'm glad they called, because I had NO idea we had appointments at all. Jody was staying at the house today to study, so I left Luke with him, napping for at least half of the time. I drove the kids to the dentist. They did great, no cavities, and they acted like their new toothbrushes were made of gold or something.

So we got back home by 11:15. I fed everyone lunch and then had to go back out to take Silas to speech at 1:00. I went the same route as I did to the dentist, so we saw the same Halloween decorations.

I hate that feeling. The feeling that I should have just stayed out and took Silas while we were out. I double the miles on my car and used twice the gas. BUT if we stayed out, I would have spent money on lunch and inevitably something else that I didn't need.

Jody put Hattie and Luke down for pm naps. I went to the grocery store. Then when I got back, I actually got several things done. The dishwasher unloaded, groceries put away, kitchen swept and counters wiped. It was wonderful, I had NO little ones pulling on me or calling me. (Silas rides the bus home from speech, so I don't even have to hear him ask me 8 times , "Is rest time over?").

But back to my going places twice, I am going to a friends house tonight, and I forgot that Jody has praise team practice. So I am going to go out again, backtracking to get my sitter here and back.

I'm not complaining. It just feels like I should have a better mapping system. But why spoil a crazy mind anyway??


Anonymous said...

Even though you did all that driving and backtracking, I sure am glad you came to my house!!
I had a great time.
What a weird night getting Tayva to bed. Usually she's in bed by 7:30- 7:45!! She's fast asleep now!!

Stacy said...

I am backtracking ALL of the time Emily, so don't feel bad!

Margaret said...

Net time tell you're crazy busy and I won't leave my baby with you! Thank you so much!

The kids are so cute!