Saturday, October 13, 2007


Every time the seasons change, its exciting. Its refreshing to walk outside and just be in the different weather. I love to anticipate the holidays that will be coming up.


I HATE the clothes ordeal. I hate to go thru all the drawers and closets and pull out the stuff we won't be wearing in the months ahead and then re-fill the drawers with the right season's clothes and then PUT AWAY the ones I just took out of the drawers and closets. I feel like I'm just handling and re-handling everything.

When the job is done, its wonderful, but in the midst of the job, its torture for me.

Well, I am happy to say that as I type this email, the job is done. My mom and I tackled the kids clothes earlier this week. Jody and I worked on our own clothes today, and I am relieved to have it done.

Thanks, mom, for giving me the push I needed to get this done NOW. Without you, I think I would have had the trunks and bags strewn here and there as we picked and chose what we needed as I slowly pulled things out of the drawers because they were so stuffed. Ha. I am such a messie.


Erin said...

That is so awesome! I did the switch at the beginning of the summer and put all the clothes in the guest bedroom in storage containers to put up in the attic. They are still in the guest room and it is time to change them again. I HATE doing the switch too!

GE is me said...

I don't do the switch for myself. I keep all seasons together. However for toddlers that just won't stop growing... between weeding out the ones that don't fit anymore & getting into the correct season, I am truly envious.
Emily, I'm really glad you got to spend time with your mom & she helped you do this, especially since Holly just had the baby. Please remember to treasure these times because she won't always be around. (Just lost mine in Apr.)