Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Poor Snow-Cat

Silas loves his Gerbil Snow-Cat so much. It's actually wonderful leverage for reward. He loves to hold him and talk to him and sing to him. I do think the gerbil is pretty cute. He's getting used to us and he's not hiding under his wheel everytime someone walks up to the cage.

Today Silas was sitting the chair and I heard him so, uh-oh. Mom, SNow-Cat is bleeding. I go RUSHING over. I'm already paranoid that the gerbil is going to get loose in the house and my mom is NEVER going to come visit me again.

Well, the lady at PetSmart told SIlas and Jody that you can hold the gerbil by his tail. Dumb lady???

Now I have a gerbil with the tip of his tail missing.

I looked it up on the internet. God made gerbils to where their tails detach easily so they can get away from predators. It's not going to grow back, but he should be ok in 3 days or so. Silas was crying, but when I told him how God made gerbils, he was very relieved. And in his prayer at supper time he explained the whole thing to God and thanked him for the way HE made gerbils.

Enjoy the pics.


Jen said...

that worker obviously was 'pulling your tail' saying it would be okay to hold poor snow-cat by his tail. poor snow-cat. we had a hamster graveyard on the side of our house in waco from our many, many hamster friends. they fit nicely in the old wooden old spice aftershave boxes. they were good little coffins! didn't mean to get morbid!!

Judi said...

I think it is neat that Silas loves Snow-cat so much! He looks so proud in the picture! But, it looks like JODY is the one bleeding!!! What has he done to HIS hands?? Sure hope it wasn't from Snow-cat! JUDI

GE is me said...

Out of the mouths of babes. Wish I could've heard Silas prayer. I love it when my girls pray at dinner time.
God Bless, -Gail