Monday, October 22, 2007

Satin Lips

I have ALWAYS loved chapstick. I remember this friend of mine in elementary school, Saskia de Groot who was constantly applying chapstick, and we were great friends, so I started "using". Ha. Who knew it would become a life-long habit.

I love all kinds.

I like plain, no name brand just as well as blistex, carmex (which Holly loves, always has and I love to dig my fingernail into her perfectly smoothed out surface anytime I can), any kind really. My mom gave me this Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour lip balm, its great, it really lasts a long time.

Starting sometime yesterday, I had chapped lips that were not going away. I was very annoyed today when my re-applying of chapstick wasn't working. Then I remembered this Mary Kay, Satin Lips set I won at a party last year. I've used it several times, never really needing it...until today.

Its awesome. There are 2 tubes. The first one is like a mask with little scrubbies you put on your lips, rub it in and leave it one for 2 minutes. Then you wash that off and put the lip balm on.

I'm telling you, it did the trick.

Just thought I'd share, since chapped lips are just about in season.


Stacy said...

I'll have to remember that. I get a terrible split in the middle of my bottom lip every winter and it takes FOREVER to get rid of it!

Jen said...

satin lips is a wonderful little application for chapped lips. i've done mine just about every morning since it started getting chilly here in El Paso.