Friday, November 30, 2007

Pics of North Dakota

Gorgeous sunsets.

There is, as I type this, a chopped up deer in our basement on the table defrosting so that Jody can cut it up and send it to a processing place. It froze in the garage.

Constant static


Jerre said...

The pictures are great, the sunset is amazing, Hattie looks so BIG, and if that is Jody in the chair behind the deer, it is frightening how much he looks like our father!
Love you all lots

Stacy said...

Nice..................frozen deer on the table. YUCK!

Anonymous said...

It must be colder than "butt cold" if the deer froze in your garage!! I think it is time to move back south!!!!(Like Georgia, maybe!!)I love the pic of Hattie! The sunset is beautiful too! Love ya! JUDI

Tasha Via said...

It worked!!!! Areyna has been walking around with a shirt on and her "Big Girl Undies" and has consistently gone in the "big girl potty" for 4 days!!!!!!!! Yeah, THANKS!