Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Everyone LOVES the towels from Aunt Jerre, Uncle Roman and "the cousins". They are so adorable.
You can't go wrong with a slinky.

Hands down, these are Hattie's FAVORITE gifts.

Luke and his easy belly button access pjs.

We had a great Christmas and New Years. We were invited by several different families to do different things. (Although we really missed our own families in GA, SC and VA. ) We even got to go down to South Dakota right after Christmas to spend some time with the Granthem's, some old friends of Jody's.

Happy New Year, eat some Black Eyed Peas.


Stacy said...

I love Luke's belly button accessible p.j.'s and the fact that he has his finger right there in the picture! :-) That was a good idea to post those pictures with their toys so your family can see how they loved them!

Tasha Via said...

It looks like we had the same kind of Christmas. New big towels, slinky's PJ, and my little ponys=)