Monday, August 20, 2007

The House

Ok. I will never win a prize for the perfect house. It will be clean. I love to do toilets. I love cleaning with a toothbrush. But organized I am not. Even when I clean my kitchen, there is usually an area or a pile that gets neglected. As soon as I pick up the living room and am proud of the way it looks, it "magically" looks terrible again. I don't know why. I hate it.

But I am reading this little book: Organize You Home and Family by Sandra Felton. She gave me a few good excuses.

  1. Houses have gotten larger. In 1953 the average residential space was 335. In 2002 the average was 2,250.
  2. We buy more products. Then we have to put our treasures away. We have traded leisure time for things.
  3. We have adopted a higher standard of cleanliness. We have appliances and indoor plumbing, yes, but they have not lessened the amount of time we need to spend keeping the chores going.
  4. TV and computer. Need I even comment??
  5. Mom takes up the slack in what used to be done for her. For example: milk delivery, doctor's house calls, affordable household workers/repairmen, etc.
Clothes used to be worn over and over and now we just throw them in the dirty clothes instead of hanging them up. Just to have to wash them, fold them and put them away. (Which, btw, putting clothes away is my least favorite chore. I have 2 baskets FULL I need to get in drawers today. And I won't tell you how long they have been in the baskets.)

Anyways, I'm working thru the book, but I found it very interesting. Another main point she is going to hammer out is what she calls the greatest untapped resource in the home: KIDS. Makes me kind of jealous of those who have more resources than I do. :)


Stacy said...

I'm right there with you. I can pick up, and the next minute I turn around and it's trashed. UGH! I've been cleaning Emma's room this morning and if anyone ever gives us another stuffed animal, I think I might kill them! HA HA!

Erin said...

Why put it away when by the time you put it away, your family has had to forage through the baskets so much that there is pretty much nothing to put away??? LOL I am with you on that one - hate putting away laundry! Now that I have started back to school (teaching 2nd grade), goodbye clean house! Too tired.. :(

GE is me said...

I came across a great website in regards to this. Doesn't mean I've put it into practice, but I'm working on it. Go to The site is a bit overwhelming at first, but if you can take a few minutes to look at it she has a lot of great things on it. She also has a lot of Christian undertones.

Rachel said...

Well, Emily, you know you could have more little "resources" and Jody do make beautiful ones! Then again, the house would get even more dis-organized and hard to keep up with...oh, what is the solution??? Smaller house, less stuff! Thanks for your great blogs, I love reading them!