Monday, August 27, 2007

On our way...again

Well, tomorrow I'm off again. By myself with all 3 kids, we are flying to SC. Jody is coming on Friday. We are going to my cousin's wedding in VA and then we are participating in NGU's global missions conference. We fly out a 8 am and arrive to Greenville around 5pm. I have to change planes twice. One layover is about 2 hours and the other one is only 30. I hope I don't miss that flight. Its going to be a LONG day.

The kids are very excited. Well, Silas and Hattie are. Luke doesn't know what's going on. I'm just hoping and praying for great behavior all day and sanity for me.

My grandmother is still in the hospital but should be going home by the time we get there on Thursday. She had a pacemaker put in today. I don't really know any other details.


Erin said...

Hope you have a safe flight! My DH works at NGU - you will be really surprised at all the changes! The new football stadium looks fantastic... :)

Shaleen said...

Hi Emily, I hope that your trip goes well. I just found your blog and I'm happy to be caught up on the Jennings Family. I created an account here, but I really doubt that I'll use it so you can contact me at