Friday, September 7, 2007

Luke's Shoes

For those of you who haven't been around our baby, Luke, let me give you a little background. From the minute he was born, he has been the MOST easygoing, sweet baby ever. He rarely cries. He plays on his own OR with others. He loves to eat more than anything. He's amazing. When my sister, Holly, came to visit in July, she said the only time I hear him cry is when we are at the table and the food isn't coming fast enough for him. Its true.

Well last night was a different story.

We went to eat supper at NGU. Jody and I were speaking at a student function later in the evening. I let Luke get down when I thought he was done and he started crying. I tried to feed him more and he wouldn't eat (VERY unlike him, I'm telling you he eats like a grown man). Jody picked him up and his crying got worse. My mom took him and walked around with him and when she brought him back to me, his cries had escalated to where tears were streaming down his face. After about 15 minute of different ones of us taking turns to try and console him, I took him outside. He had NOT stopped for even a second. He was writhing and throwing his head back and shaking his head NO and waving his hand. I kept trying to give him his pacifier thinking that would calm him and he'd throw it or bat it away.

I took him on a swing (another favorite thing of his to do) and he KEPT crying. I took him to the water fountain, that didn't help. I had resigned to the fact that I would just go home and Jody would speak by-himself. I didn't want my parents to have to deal with him. He was inconsolable. I was to the point of tears myself. NOTHING was working. No cup. No paci. No singing. NOTHING.

I decided to take his clothes off, he was working him self up into a sweat. I took his shoes off and immediately he let out an obvious sigh of relief. Not another tear or whimper.

It was the shoes.

Isn't that terrible? My parents had given Luke a cute little pair of KEDS for his birthday last week. Obviously his little pillow top feet and fat ankles were not comfortable in those shoes.

Thanks to The STEPHENS, we do have a pair he likes. I'm sticking with those for now. Isn't that just awful??

NOTE: Judith Herdklotz, are you in Greenville? I really think I saw Jeff jogging on Wednesday when I was driving a honkin' church van from the grocery store.


Karen said...

Poor Luke! I had a similar case with Carter... now I can't keep shoes on ANY of them!
I answer your question... Jeff in in Greenville with some of the kiddos. Judith flew down with Joel and Emily to her dad's house (they had a free flight coming after being bumped when they came back from Arizona) So the answer is yes and no... it probably was Jeff you saw, but Judith isn't there right now! WHEW!

Shaunna said...

Nice blog, Emily. Poor Luke-don't you wish they could talk sometimes?? I will see you when you get back.

Stacy said...

I'm sure glad we still had those shoes of Gage's to loan. He had fat, wide feet so they are broke in well. Maybe Grandma can take those others back and get her money back? I'm not sure what will happen when he outgrows those, as we don't have any others!! You'll have to search online for Elefanten shoes and order a pair of every size!!

Karen said...

Have you had problems with the side pictures being distorted if you upload a vertical picture? Mine just started doing this and it's driving me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! He was trying to tell you wasn't he? We miss you guys!