Saturday, September 22, 2007


I know that sensors are important. I was just explaining the smoke detectors to Silas the other day. Actually, it was very funny, the bulb in his nightlight blew out and he said that tiny little dot light was his new night light. (its the smoke detector :))

I'm glad God created bodily sensors, like knowing when you need to go to the bathroom or to eat.

For the most part, I appreciate the car sensors. My dad is horrible about wearing his seatbelt, so I love it when the sensor won't quit dinging until he buckles.

But a few months ago a sensor in our Kia van started acting up. At first it was kind of funny. Sharp right turns made the dinging sound (like your keys are in the car and door is open sound). Then it evolved to dinging at even the slightest right turn. (Some of you who have ridden with me are laughing).

To correct it, you could apply the brakes or turn left.

But now its just turned berserk. Most of the time spent in my van, the dinging continues. Only a hard left makes it go off and then if you even hit a rock in the road, the dinging starts back up. It makes me feel like I'm crazy.

The other day, when I got so turned around in downtown Bismarck, the dinging was a large part of my frustration. It gives me a headache. I thought if I knew that cutting a wire or 7 would MAKE IT STOP, I would.

Well, I only have ONE more day for my own car to drive me crazy. Monday Jody has some meetings in Fargo, where the Kia dealership is. I told him he is NOT welcomed home unless the car is not dinging anymore. I don't care if I am cooped up with the kids b/c we can't fit in Jody's jalopy, I want my car to stop being so sensitive.

Ok. Enough. I've made myself laugh at this insanity.


Stacy said...

Ding, ding, ding! :-) Emma spotted Hattie walking on the sidewalk today south of the Capitol building. I was like, "What? Where?" As I turned and looked, I saw you and the kids heading up the sidewalk along Boulevard. You must have attended the parade? We were headed to Emma's dance lesson at McCabe and it was awful traffic!!! Call me Monday if you need a ride anywhere. We'll be around. Make sure to snag your carseats out of your van before Jody leaves though! :-)

Joyful Momma said...

Hey Emily,
I can give you a ride too! Or if you get that cooped-up feeling, give me a call, and we'll stop by and the kids can play. If not, I'll see you Wednesday!

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Our van did something crazy too. Our inside lights would blink on and off and the doors locks would click up and down. I am sure we looked like idiots driving down the road at night time!! Our van only did this during the cold months though. It drove me nuts, but I was to cheap to get it fixed. After two years I had finally had it and we finally got it fixed. It took Tim Rensberger five minutes to fix our LOOSE DOOR LATCH! The side door was not completely connecting when it closed. All he had to do was tighten something!! TWO YEARS!!!