Thursday, September 20, 2007


Silas always likes to talk about how the dinosaurs are extinct. It got me thinking about other things that are becoming extinct.

The Payphone. I saw the funniest thing the other day in the post office, a big sign over a booth type area saying "Pay Phone" and there was NO phone. Think about it, when was the last time you ever used a pay phone? I tried last year when I was in transit to ND, at the airport with no cell phone. I had a calling card with like 20 units on it and it took like 27 units to dial a number.

Tape players and cassette tapes as well as VHR's and VHS tapes. I'm sure some of you still have and (occasionally) use a VCR, but admit it, they are rare now. Can you even buy them at walmart? Ours broke last year and we didn't even replace it. My mom asked Holly and I if we wanted any of our old family VHS movies. I said no. I have no way to view them.

Letter, via the post office. Now I do occasionally send cards and receive them, but you have to admit, that's fading fast. With email and free long distance...why bother. Now I can hear my dad saying there's nothing that come close to something hand written with a real stamp on it. Thank you notes would go in the category. But just for the record, no one EVER needs to send me a thank you note. A verbal thank you is just fine for me.

Redheads. Did you hear this? By the year 2100 redheads are said to (possibly) be extinct. Click here to read an article about it.

I've been wanting to write this post, but I wanted to take a pic of the empty phone booth. But I keep forgetting to bring my camera. Oh well. Just some food for thought. Can you think of anything else to add to this list?


Stacy said...

I guess Scott and I better get busy! Can't let those redheads go extinct!! HA HA!

elliesmommy said...

My nieces are both red headed?!? :-) I hadn't heard that, but you really don't see it very often any more.

Mylinda said...

Well, I know redheads won't be extinct in my family anytime soon! I'm a redhead, my husband is auburn, but grows a red mustache and beard, my two girls are redheaded and my boys are blondes with red in their genes. So, hopefully, I'll see many more redheads in our future family. We heard the story and were shocked.