Saturday, September 29, 2007

Silas and the Birds

This is Silas (and our buddy Gordon) in Uganda at about 2 years old holding a "gift" chicken in Uganda.
This is Silas the other day holding a duck Jody and Scott shot

Aren't these funny? Silas just LOVES animals (bugs, birds...whatever.) he always has. Dead OR alive. My mom gave him a cigar box and that has become the feather box, along with one NASTY beak and several crane legs.


Gina said...

That's a boy for ya! I have those same chairs that are in the background of your picture :)

The Reeds said...

Hi there!! someone told us about y'alls blog- Claudia maybe? And we've looked in from time to time and really enjoyed seeing you guys. We hope you're doing well! Beautiful kids!
Georgia (& Jacob)