Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Did you miss me??

Did you miss me? I miss you! I really do miss blogging, but I just haven't sat at the computer until now. (I'm using my dad's and I'm so glad to have an exclamation point for a change!!!) And boy do I have tons to say.

The flights there went very smoothly. The kids were wonderful travelers. I cannot complain at all. I was very proud of them. No melt downs or anything like that. Yay!!

We drove up to Virginia. We visited with my Grama B, who has been in the hospital. It was great to get to see her. She was happy to see the kids too, although they were pretty overwhelming.

Jody got in fine and even got to visit with our friends Mike and Jessica from Bismarck. They are living in Virginia now and they picked him up from the airport.

The wedding was amazing. My cousin, Kaylin, looked like a princess. We stayed with another cousin, Ashley. My kids had lots of kids to play with. Jody and I loved hanging out with my family. It really was FUN.

On our way back to Greenville we attempted some family pics at Holly's house. That was torture. We were road weary...nuf said.

So, we are back in SC now. We have a full schedule this week, but it's be great.

I promise to post some pictures soon.


Jen said...

yes, i've missed you and now i can't wait to see the latest boitnott family picture - - 7 adults, 4 kids and all!!!

Stacy said...

Glad to hear from you! We've missed you. Emma had her first day of Jr. K. this morning. She had a great time. We missed Silas though. One poor little boy was crying when his Mom picked him up because another little boy apparently told him he wasn't his friend. :-( Alot of new faces. Some parents I recognize from somewhere, but can't place where? I hate when that happens!