Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another one of "those days"

Well....I've survived this day. What a day.

The kids did fine at the Dr. Hattie has reminded me and anyone she talks to that she got 2 shots today. Silas and Luke each got 4. But after the initial shock, everyone has been fine. Hattie is in the 3% with her weight. The Dr told me to cut out fruit juice all together and just have her drink milk. So, besides announcing her shots, she also kept saying, "the dot-er say I have to dink milk, right mom?"

But I on the other hand...

I don't know what's wrong with me. I have no inner compass, no "map in my head" (as my mother calls it). I've actually learned my way around Bismarck pretty well. I don't know what happened today. But I got SO turned around after the dr. I had the hardest time getting my barrings back. Other factors didn't help, like this train that was NOT MOVING. I was trying to get around it by going over this bridge on a one way street and I ended up going up the WRONG one way street.

I had to get money out of the ATM and I could NOT remember my pin #. I tried 4 times and finally had to use the card that I would be charged $2 for using at the wrong bank machine.

The kids went down for late naps. I had a pile of stuff to get done for MOPS and a ladies dinner we are having on Thursday. I had to switch my dentist appointment, call my friend Stacy and tell her I didn't need her to watch the kids...the list goes on and on.

Then Jody wanted us to come up to the church and help him figure out a new way to arrange things. This girl, Kristi, who has been coming to our church was coming. So we ate pizza and then went to a few places to get some plants and decorations. We rushed home, did not bath OR read books. I heard splashing as I was helping brush teeth and I turned and saw Luke playing in the UNFLUSHED toilet. Ugh. Nasty. You know I screamed. Luke was scared and cried. All that to say, I JUST (9:25pm) got the kids in bed. I'm dreading the morning. Silas has school and I don't want him to be grouchy.

TOmorrow is my first bible study with the girls at U Mary. I'm excited about that. We are starting The Amazing Collection. But that means I HAVE to mop my kitchen by 7pm tomorrow.

Sorry for the rambling on and on, I'm pretty wound tight right now, can you tell???


Karen said...

I hear you and TOTALLY understand!

GE is me said...

Emily, I'll be praying for strength for you tomorrow. Why is it so easy to see in other people, but not ourselves? - Paul said(my paraphrase)in my weakness He is made strong. I've had those days & feel your pain.
Just know that I'm praying for you.