Monday, September 17, 2007

The Christian BookStore

Silas is SO happy to be back in the swing of Preschool. I'm so glad he enjoys it. Hattie told my dad that she is too little to go to school, she is only 2. I'm glad she sees it that way.

Today, after we dropped Silas off, I went walking with my friend Stacy. Then I took Hattie and Luke to the local christian bookstore, The Rainbow Shop. (Who thought of that name??) I needed to get some door-prizes for this dinner the ladies at our church are hosting.

Luke pooped sometime between buckling him up at the Y and walking into the Rainbow shop. But since I was already in there, I wanted to just get what I needed and go. I tried putting Luke down and that was a terrible idea because he kept bringing me books from the shelves he could reach. Hattie kept coming to me with those dumb trinkets in the kids section. I was frustrated b/c I couldn't think clearly about what I needed. Not ONE employee asked if they could help. I don't think there was another costumer in the store, but there were at least 3 employees.

I left with one of my door prizes. Oh well.

We came home for about an hour. LUke needed a nap and I HAD to fold clothes. Although I don't feel like I did anything worth eternal significance, I did get all my clothes washed and folded. THe kids clothes are all put away too. That leave my own. Jody can put his own away. That's my deal. (I'd say it was our deal, but I didn't really leave room for him to wheel a deal).

Tomorrow I have all 3 kids scheduled for yearly check ups at the Dr. I want to knock it all out in one shot. Ooooh, actually several shots...all the kids are getting shots. But I'm not telling them them until we get to the dr. Silas would never sleep if he knew what was coming. Jody is going with me, Thank you Jesus.

I'll let you know how we fair.


Jen said...

You're absolutely insane taking all 3 to the Dr at the same time. I admire you for going for it!!! I NEVER schedule the boys to have appointments at the same time any more, even with help! I need to see a Dr by the time we're finished. Have fun!!!!

Stacy said...

Make sure you have all of your questions for each kid written down or you'll never remember them with all 3 of them with you. Maybe Jody can keep them out in the play area while you're in the office with 1? Although, then all 3 of them will be sick next week!

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