Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 07

We had a great and very eventful Halloween. Silas had his school program. It was very cute. After naptime we went to the Heritage Museum. The kids had fun in the craft area and feeling like it was Night at the Museum, because it was dark in there. Then we had some friends come over and have hotdogs and go trick-or-treating.

Hattie, as you can see, changed her costume. At the museum she was Tinkerbell then she transformed into Cinderlla. Both costumes were accessorized by the purple cap (that I found for a DOLLAR at Wal-mart). And the earmuffs were quite the touch for Cinderella. I always say Hattie is like Holly, but in this case, Holly said that Hattie mixes and matches like me.

Anyways, we had fun and we have WAY too much candy.


Peggy said...

Sara wore that same Cinderella dress, only a couple sizes bigger! Sky was Spiderman. We have way too much candy too!

Erin said...

My 7 year old was Tinkerbell too! :) The kids look too cute!