Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Man I LOVE a bargain, thanks to my mom. She instilled in us the value of heading straight to the clearance rack. Most of you know that my husband loves garage sales and classifieds.

In Bismarck we used bisman. Now we use craigslist.

Jody drove all the way out to Simpsonville last night to buy this family's camping stuff. They haven't camped in a while, but boy did they used to!

For $140, we got
  • 1 coleman sleeping bag
  • 2 coleman lanterns
  • 1coleman stove
  • a webber grill
  • a thermarest mat
  • an aero bed
  • tons of camping cookware (pots, pans, tools...)
  • metal skewers for marshmallows and hotdogs
  • a 10 gallon drink cooler
  • a port-a-potty
  • a propane tank
  • a fryer/eye thing
  • a camping toaster
  • an electric eye
  • other misc things
Isn't that awesome?? We are getting SO excited about this trip. PLUS both my parents and Jody's parents are coming with us!!!

Does anyone have any good meal/snack suggestions? We are planning on hotdogs, of course. And maybe fish, if the fishermen are productive. And of course smores. But does anyone have any other good ideas?


Jerre said...

We have only been on one camping trip, so that makes us professionals...anyway, we did your famous crock pot mac and cheese with steak one night. We didn't have any kind of stove, but it turned out great, and that's about all my kids eat anyway. I say make sure it's easy whatever you do because you want to enjoy it not have more work!! Wish we were going with you guys, maybe next time.

Anne said...

If you take along frozen steaks to use as ice the first day, they are perfectly thawed for dinner the second night - a bit of a family tradition. That, and we would pre-make campfire potatoes wrapped in foil to throw on with the steaks (grill x 1 hour) - just a mix of cut-up potatoes, canned mushrooms, diced onion, bacon bits and shredded cheese - serve in its own "foil-wrapper plate". Enjoy! Anne Dahmen

Kristin said...

A few favorites of mine:

Find a branch (like for roasting s'mores), trim off end. Take cresent rolls from a can. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar; wrap cresent roll around stick and "bake" over fire until lightly browned and fluffy. Yummy!

Also, you can make omelettes in a baggy. Take freezer ziplock bags (must be freezer or they will melt), add eggs and whatever omelette fillings you'd like. Seal bag. Place bag into boiling water until eggs are fully cooked.

Anonymous said...

taake tinfoil and make a hamburger pattie and put it in the foil along with onions mushrooms or whatever else you want. then just toss it in the fire and let it cook. ALso take foil to put potatoes in and onions put a little pepper and garlic on them yummmy.

Kelly H. said...

We cooked tacos. We cooked the meat and the seasoning over the fire, and then brought a cooler with all the fixin's. Yummy with a bag of chips and a jar of queso or something. Have fun on your trip!

GE is me said...

Did I miss something? What trip, when?
for food, sloppy joes w/some chips. And I'll second the omelettes- you can also do it this way- each person can make their own w/what they like. Put the egg(already scrambled) & other fixings in the bag & then all you have to do is dump it into the pan. If you have a griddle, pancakes.
and don't forget what every camping trip needs.....baked beans!!!
Hope you have fun.
p.s.why did you remove flylady from your sidebar?