Friday, May 9, 2008


Seriously you are NOT going to believe this!

I left the house this morning at about 8:45. Jody has Friday's off in the summer, so he was going to watch the kids while I got my haircut. I also thought I'd get my SC driver's license.

I went to the place where I thought the DMV was, just to find out I was wrong. (No big surprise there, I have a poor sense of direction and a terrible memory when it comes to getting back to a place) I asked this guy and he said he was going that way and I could follow him.

I knew I was pushing it time-wise. You never know how long to allot at the DMV!

So, I decided to follow the guy and just try and remember how to get there.

Well when I got there there was only 2 other cars in the parking lot. I thought, ooh, this is my lucky day, I may be able to get in and out in 30mins! I kind of skipping up to the door. But when I went to open it it was locked. I tried the other door, also locked. Then I saw the sign.

Closed due to the Confederate's Memorial Day
Will reopen at normal business hours on Monday.


Ok. I know we are in the south. And don't get me wrong, I love the south. The people are so friendly and helpful. The weather's great. The pride in their heritage is wonderful. But come on...Confederate Memorial Day??

Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm wondering if there was a hidden camera around.

Needless to say, I arrived in plenty of time for my haircut, which was much needed and I'm very pleased with it!


Stacy said...

Never heard of that and I spent time in MS and Memphis. Seems like some excuse for southern government workers to get an extra day off. Get back to work! How long ago was that civil war thing? Get over it.


Erin said...

I have lived here for almost 10 years now and NEVER heard of that holiday! I googled it and found it was true. Here's some info on wikipedia...
Weird!!! I hope you get your new license soon.

Jed said...

Ask any SC teacher who gives PACT test and we know all about this holiday... If a test day falls on this holiday we aren't allowed to give the test that day because the state department is closed and cannot be available to answer any questions that may arise.

Peggy said...

Very strange, indeed! Never heard of that either! Glad you like your haircut. I just got one on Friday as well for the first time in 8 months! Pathetic, I know.