Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Weekend

We had such a fun weekend!

Friday we did some stuff around the house then we went to my parents to feed the cats. After naps we went downtown to the Greek Festival. We enjoyed a DELICIOUS supper. Gyros, fried greek cheese, greek pizza, calamari and baklava sundae! Then there was something else going on downtown. Free cupcakes, military vehicles to explore and balloons. (Why do kids love balloons so much??)

Then Saturday we went to a few garage sales and our favorite park (Herdklotz of course). Then we needed to stop by Home Depot before heading home. Well, we ran into a GREAT surprise! Home Depot was having a demo day. There were free hot dogs, popcorn and sodas. A FREE jumping castle entertained my kids to no end. We had avoided them at the Greek Festival because it was SO expensive.

Sunday we had a great time at our church. We had a nice time eating lunch with some new friends. Then we went back to church for the Children's Musical "The Slingshot Heard 'Round the World". Silas watched it with us and he really enjoyed it. He ran up front afterward to get autographs.

This morning the internet came back (it was out all weekend). And we are already planning a camping trip for this coming Memorial Day weekend.

Did Memorial Day sneak up on you too? I can't believe its already here!

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Stacy said...

Scott just went to Scheels this past weekend and bought a tent! The one we had was a 2-person, so he got a 4-person tent to go along with it.......oh, AND a bike rack for the car. (He was helping the economy out thanks to W.!) We should meet somewhere to camp sometime!