Saturday, May 3, 2008

In the Dark

Isn't it strange how dependent we become on technology?

Like cell phones. Besides my super friend Stacy, who just at Christmas got a track phone, most everyone I know and don't know are dependent on cell phones to be connected to the WORLD. In fact, a survey was taken at North Greenville University this past semester (that's where my husband works now). All the resident students (about 1500, I think) only 6 did not have cell phones. I imagine those students are international ones! As a result, they are not having land lines in the dorms anymore.

What about the internet? That's how I look up phone numbers (who uses a phone book anymore? Don't answer that, Stacy) And webkins, for goodness sake! I'm pitiful.

Our internet is out and I feel like I'm in the dark! I can't look up anything!! I can't do my blog or check my email.

We picked a bunch of strawberries and I wanted to look up some suggestions on how to freeze them.

We came to my parents to eat supper, that's how I'm on right now. Hopefully our problem will be resolved on Monday.


Erin said...

Hey Emily! My husband (Tim) is the network admin at NGU and I told him about your internet woes after I read your blog. He is going to have some of his student workers check on the switch when they come back to campus late this evening. Your house is fed off of West Crain and it looks like the building's power has been turned off, so hopefully you will be back up later tonight. Hope you have a great day!

Erin Patterson

Stacy said...

You must know Emily, that I only have 3 minutes left on my tracfone and I don't even need them now that you're gone!! And, it's sad to say, but yes, I still rely on the phonebook! HA HA!

Jed said...

hang in there Emily... only back in November is when I officially had internet at my house... It will be back on shortly.... Just call me if you need me to look up something for you... I am curious now as to the best way to freeze strawberries... maybe I will look it up.

Tara said...

Emily, I have heard that to freeze strawberries that it is better to freeze them individually on a cookie sheet first and then to double bag them in zip lock bags in the freezer for storage.

GE is me said...

Emily, there is an awesome website that I use that you too can use(it is nationwide). It is
Not only is this a website that will show you where you can find pick your own fruits & veggies, but they have other helpful hints on there as well.
Like canning & possibly freezing stuff.
I was going to tell you that if my memory serves me correctly my mom used to slice them & then just freeze them. But not so sure of that. So figured I'd suggest the website.
Hope Silas finds some new friends soon.
God Bless, -Gail

Peggy said...

We've become addicted to Webkinz now too! Sara got one for her birthday, and I felt bad that Sky didn't have one, so I bought him one too. Then, a couple of weeks ago, they had "Webkinz Day" and you could buy one, get one free Webkinz, so we ended up with 4 more animals! Yikes! I only allowed them to enter one more pet each and we're saving the other 2 for later... Do you play games and answer trivia questions for your kids so they can get more money. I've been known to answer questions for an hour after they go to bed, so someone can buy a bathtub or swimming pool the next day!