Monday, May 5, 2008


Last night we went to church. Our church does AWANA. I'm very excited about it, but I had decided we'd wait till the fall to start. Silas will be in Sparks, Hattie in Cubbies and Lukey in Puggles.

But we went last night because Jody and I had a meeting. When we picked Silas up he said, "I was in Cubbies! I have one more week of Cubbies and then I'll be in Sparks." He's also asked me more than once today when he goes back to Cubbies. Needless to say he LOVED it.

I guess it because he's kind of bored. I mean, I'm not providing tons of stimulation these days. Not only am I waking up tired, but I still have random organizing things to do around here on top of daily chores. We go to the park, the library...but he's not in school and we haven't made any friends to just play with. Poor Silas. Today he asked me if we could please invite Emma over. I told him she lives too far away now (in Bismarck!). He said that we could just her enough time to get here.

I felt very bad.

So, the internet is back up (shout out to Erin!) and I've been looking online for activities to do. I think I must be crazy because I thought I had seen that there was a pre-school soccer program in May. I thought it would be great for Hattie and Silas. But I CAN NOT find it anywhere. I must have dreamed it up!?

I think we'll sign up for swimming lessons and maybe a summer camp or 2. I don't know.

At least we have Cubbies to look forward to next week.


Erin said...

It was all Tim...but I am glad it is back up and working. :) We have the same problem in the summer (I teach, so I am home in the summer with our 7 year old). Our favorite summer activities are the free summer reading program at the library (we go to the Spartanburg library, but the website for the Greenville Library is
For so many books you read to your kids, they get a treat and get to go to cool programs. Also, Pump It Up in Greenville has $5 Pop in Playtime. If you have never been, Pump it Up is a huge inflatable play area. My daughter LOVES going there - and they are worn out after they play! Their website is

Hope that gives you some ideas! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the kids aren't as bored as you think; you probably just feel like you are not "playing" with them as much and that makes you feel bad because you are such a GREAT mom! Do you know if any of the churches up there do Upward sports? It is big in WR so I thought it might be there. They have good sport activities like baseball, basketball, soccer. Check it out. I love you all!!! JUDI

Stacy said...

I wish we could bring Emma over to play! She misses Silas so much! Actually, both Gage and Emma miss YOU quite a bit as well! Gage is always saying, "Can I call Emily?" :-) Just move back! PLEASE!

Wanda said...

I love reading your blog. There are some Upward Soccer programs around in the area. Check it out at