Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7,2000

Today is our anniversary! 8 years ago today we were married here in Tigerville. We had a great day. Chick Fil A breakfast biscuits! A wonderful meal at Stacks Peppermill! We saw the movie "Expelled" and it was AWESOME. Its a documentary that makes a case for intelligent design. I totally recommend it! My husband is the BEST.

If I had it to do all over again, no doubt I'd pick Jody Ben! We've had a fabulous 8 years. We were trying to think about each anniversary we've had. Look at this list we came up with:

1st - We had some extra visitors hang out, real late, and watch our video with us.
2nd - Jody made a banner that went across the entire living room that said Happy Anniversary
3rd - Silas was a new baby
4th - We were in Uganda and went to a local restaurant and spent about $4 on our entire meal
5th - We celebrated at home in Uganda, forgoing the local restaurant this time (tired of BEANS in Uganda)
6th - We were relieved that Jody didn't have to have a biopsy surgery so we celebrated as a family in South Africa at a seafood place
7th - Last year, we can't remember where we went, but the Hamiltons babysat in Bismarck
8th - Today, see above.

How bout that pic? Who are those two young kids? And, as Hattie asks, "is that my daddy Jody with hair??


Stacy said...

I am absolutely impressed that you can remember each year you've been married, what you did! It'd probably be safe for me to say that Scott has been out playing with the ducks for at least half of our anniversaries (I guess getting married when the ducks are breeding wasn't a good idea?) :-) Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple! We miss you!

Shaunna said...

Happy Anniversary!! Tell Jody HI from us!!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to you two!!! Em, if Jody had let me pick his bride, I know I would have picked you!!! I love you both sooo much and am very proud of you both!!! Mom

Jessica said...

Oh Emily...I remember that day! Happy Anniversary! Hope you guys are doing well!

Tara said...

May 7th is my anniversary too:) Congratulations on 8 eight years. It doesn't seem like your wedding was that long ago! Wow time flies. I am glad you had a good day!

Corey and Amy Pass said...

Congratulations!!! Happy Anniversary!!!

Peggy said...

It truly is amazing what 8 years will do for the more "mature" look! When I look at our wedding pics (8 1/2 years ago) I also wonder what happened to those two "kids"! I think for one of our anniversaries, we went out to a pizza place WITH Sara along!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily! Nat and I had our 8th on April 29th! Cool! We just stayed home and did landscaping! Romantic huh? I actually suggested it. We've been helping out with Nat's grandma who has been sick and it was the only nice day of the week. We have a real date planned soon. :)

Congratulations on your big day! How is baby 4 doing?

Becky Strutz

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember that day 8 years ago. Has it really been 8 years?

GE is me said...

Emily & Jody, Happy Anniversary & may you have MANY more happy years! You made me think about what we've done & we've only been married 4. :)
God Bless, -Gail

Tasha Via said...

aww, I remember that day=) Congrats! Thanks for the e-mail too.