Thursday, May 29, 2008

My new camera!

I am SO excited. Thanks to the tax refund Jody said I could get a new camera! I like my little sony cybershot. Its very portable, but I never come away with pictures that I am in l0ve with, you know?

Well, all that's changed now. I'm so in love with my camera! The pictures come out amazing. No blurring or redeyes. Oh, I LOVE IT. (Do you ever watch Dragon Tales? I like to say "I LOOOOOOOOVE it, like Wheezie). Its a Nikon SLR D40. Got a good deal at Circut City, they gave me their online offer.

Last night Jody and I took Silas and Hattie to the circus in Asheville (about 1 hour from our house). My parents kept Luke and he had a great time getting undivided attention. Silas took in every act at the circus. Hattie was enamored with the sparkly costumes and pretty ladies. We had a great time.

On a funny note, tonight with supper we had potatoes au gratin (from a frozen package, which was delicious) and Silas stabbed a bite with his fork and looked at it and said, "These potatoes are rotten?"


Jen said...

I'm so jealous. You'll have to tell me how much you love it so I can convince myself to spend that kind of cash on one!

Stacy said...

I'm so glad you got a new camera! I've been missing seeing pictures of your beautiful chilluns on your blog! That's totally funny about the rotten potatoes!

Karyn said...

Hey! I'm looking at buying the same camera! or maybe a step up. A friend of mine has one and I'm going to try out his for a few days first. I'll be looking forward to your pictures and comments on how you like it! Miss you guys!

Tasha Via said...

Yeah for cameras!! Hey, we should try to get together since we are so close now=)

Shaleen said...
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Shaleen said...

(had technical difficulty w/ first post!)

The Nikon D40 is a great camera! Alex shoots on Nikon. If you have any questions about the D40 just email me and he can give you some tips!