Friday, July 13, 2007

Flat Tire

This morning I got all the kids ready and buckled up in the car. I wanted to go exercise at the Y. Jody walked us out to the car and he said, hey, stop. You have a flat tire.

It was really flat.

I suddenly realized what happened.

2 days ago, while Holly and I were in the car with the kids, I ran over a big rock in our neighborhood. We laughed. We talked about how our dad and our husbands, had they been in the car, would have said something like,"Watch it. Don't you know how to straddle something like that?"

But the amazing thing is that I drove to Fargo and back the day after the rock incident. That was almost 400 miles. And this morning is was completely flat.

So, I was a little bummed. I called my friend Stacy because I knew she'd laugh with me. And she did more than that. She came and picked us up in her van. We went to the Museum for story time, rode bikes to the Library from the Museum (sort of. Stacy ended up driving the girls and Luke, and I walked with the boys). Then we went over to their house for lunch. After that, Stacy drove us back home. It was a great day.

I called AAA and they were going to tow my van wherever I wanted, but he pumped the tire back up, told me it was a slow leak and now I could take it myself. That was fine, because I didn't know how I would get to where he was going to tow my car anyway. So we called Jody and all went to Sams, got NEW tires (which we were in desperate need of anyway) and of course some other stuff.

Yesterday with the whole Fargo trip, I was telling myself what bad luck I have. I couldn't find my wallet therefore I couldn't go to the mall and shop at the Children's Place....but really that wasn't true.

With that tire, I could have not only made Holly late for her flight, I could have been stuck between Fargo and Bismarck somewhere with NO wallet and no number to call AAA or any other place for that matter. I drove nearly 400 safely on a bad tire.

Wow. I didn't have bad luck, I had God taking care of a frazzled, forgetful Emily.

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