Monday, July 30, 2007

Help me JESUS.

My family loves to tell the story of the time we went horseback riding in a state park in Texas. I don't know why...I do NOT need reminding.

The guide asked who was the meanest one of the sisters. I wasted NO time in my truthful answer, "HOLLY". Well, the guide said, oh, so YOU, he said as he grabbed my arm, are going to ride this guy.

Well, "this guy" was like the meanest horse ever.

During the ride, the horse bit me, bit another horse and ran off away from everyone else with me on the back. I was terrified and must have screamed things like, Help Me Jesus, Oh Lord Jesus, etc...

Ha ha.

But today I was thinking about that. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a mean horse. Like everything that happens is taking me down a road I don't want to go.

For instance:
-Hattie sits on the potty today to pee and I have NO idea how, but her pee didn't go in the toilet, it came out, soaking her panties and pants and the floor and the toilet.
-Hattie came to me with the floss and said I need some mommy. I looked up to see about 17 yards of it in her hand.
-I took Luke to Walmart when Jody got home from work and when I got home, Silas and Hattie greeted me dripping wet. They were wetting their hair in the sink and trailed water all over the house.
-Silas and Hattie fought over who would push the handi-capped door button at the Y
-Luke ate another piece of blue chalk. I know this b/c there was blue drool coming out of his mouth while he was standing at the little easel.

I'm sure I could go on and on. Laugh all you want. But I wish I would have kept a tally of how many times I said or yelled, "Help ME Jesus" today.


Scott said...

Just so you know, Gage and Emma also fight over pushing the handicapped door opener button at every facility that happens to have one. Often times, when they are really fighting, after one of them has already opened the door, and the other is having a meltdown, I will just stand outside and let the door shut, so the other one can then have a chance to open it. (I think we had that problem at the Heritage Center's storytime???) Anyway, hope your day tomorrow is better. Stacy

JUDI said...

Hang in there Em!! I will be praying EXTRA hard that tomorrow will be much more uneventful!!! You are the GREATEST mom ever! Some days just go like today, Remember, tomorrow is another day and the sun will shine bright!! I love you!! And, yes, Jesus will help you! JUDI

AMANDA said...

Don't feel alone, all mommy's with any sense are screaming "Help me, Jesus!" It is just nice to know my life is as normal as any other mom of 3. (I found your blog through Wade's World)

Tasha said...

You make me laugh. I miss you. Areyna seems to be doing the exact same things as Hattie and Zeke eats everything too, except his consists of dog poop, his poop, bird poop...