Monday, July 9, 2007

Visiting with Holly and Elijah

Holly and Elijah are here visiting us. They got here late Saturday night. We are having a great time. But man, there is NOT a dull moment.

Elijah is confused as to where he is and he CONTINUOUSLY asks, "Where we going?" and saying "I wanna show you somepin".

Luke, I think, enjoys all the stuff going on because he can get into stuff. He's IN the dishwasher or emptying a drawer or going up the bunk bed ladder or something at all times.

Silas and Hattie have a little clique, no cousins allowed, at times.

They are playing well together and getting along good for the most part. Jody is in South Dakota until Thursday. SO, at least Holly is here with me.

Whew. We start again tomorrow.


Karen said...

Keep an eye on Luke and Elijah! If they are anything like Hayden when we were with Bailey suddenly you find out how "creative" toddlers can be! Hayden and Bailey on one of their adventures unrolled an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper into the toilet THEN played in it!

elliesmommy said...

Jeff is gone this week and my 2 nieces are here...I'm getting a glimpse of what you go through when Jody is gone!! :-)

Jerry said...

jWhile you guys are having those sisterly days, remember Jerre in prayer as she goes in morning to med center in Macon for Hysterectomy. Hopefully she will go home Thursday. Say a prayer for her. Tell Jody too. Judi and I are going up there to be with her and Roman. We'll keep you posted. Dad