Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Traveling Salesman

I know I am a sucker. No one knows that more than...well, Jody, and my parents, probably. I prefer to NOT think of myself as a sucker. More like, trusting.

Like the time in DC when my dad would not give the homeless guy any money and it just broke my heart to where my dad finally relented and went back to give him some money.

Well, this traveling salesman came thru the neighborhood this week. (apparently there's a group of them going thru Bismarck) They are selling this Pro-tek cleaning stuff.

My friend Lisa was here when the guy came and we decided to split the one bottle of it.

Let me just say I LOVE IT. Jody says everytime he sees me now I have my spray bottle. I have mopped with it, cleaned my windows, stove and microwave. I am treating all my laundry with it. It has gotten out blood and grease so far. Shines my sinks, dusts my coffee table and cleans my shoes to a sparkling white. I LOVE IT.

I was confessing to my friends Scott and Stacy that I bought this stuff. I said, "A traveling salesman came to my house the other day and I bought was he was selling. It..." And Scott goes, "The cleaning stuff, I bought it too" and offered a big high five, as our spouses rolled their eyes.

Wish you all could try out my spray bottle, its great stuff.


Scott said...

I probably would NOT have bought the stuff, because I would have been in grave danger, had I "suckered" and bought it. I'm going to have to go and try it though. Maybe it will totally wipe away all of the dog/cat hair and they will be bald? (Bald is beautiful, right Jody?) -Stacy

Jen said...

i wouldn't have answered the door! i'm a scaredy cat when it comes to strangers knocking on my door.

Deborah Boitnott said...

Still like the cleaner?

Leah said...

That is hilarous.