Monday, July 23, 2007

"I should have been Jesus"

Silas and I went with our friends Lisa and Jolene to Canonball. Canonball is a Native American Reservation that our church goes to once a month and does a little children's ministry program.

It's really a blessing to go. Its a VERY different world there. Poverty exists like many wouldn't believe.

Anyway. Lisa was getting the kids to do a little drama. Of course, Silas volunteers right away for the first boy part that was offered, Jarrius, the man whose daughter dies. Then slowly Lisa persuaded some other kids to join. We needed a Jesus, a mother, a disciple and some crowd members. SIlas was SO cute.

Later I told him that I was proud of him. He leaned over and said, Well, I should have been Jesus.

I laughed so hard. But you know, he just wanted to participate, so he volunteered quickly. I'm glad he's so willing to get involved in things like that. He played with the kids and was really sweet.

I'm going to get some pics on here of our afternoon, hopefully soon.

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Deborah Boitnott said...

We should all be Jesus. mom