Saturday, July 28, 2007

Home-Made Ice Cream

Today was a good day.

Jody found some more AWESOME garage sale deals. A queen size bed (frame with tall posts, mattress and boxsprings), a work bench and a kitchen table with 6 chairs and leaf. I'm telling you, he's the BEST deal finder.

I went to a Once Upon a Family celebration with my friend Stacy while Jody and the kids hung out with the rest of the Stephen's family. While there Jody called. Of course I thought, oh no, what happened to one of the kids. Nope. He wanted to know (in the middle of the presentation) if I would go get the ice cream maker and make icecream at the Stephen's house.

So when Stacy and got back, we made vanilla ice cream and delicious chicken salad wraps and sandwiches. We had a great time hanging with the Stephens.

Jody also was THRILLED to get to know 2 of our neighbors a little better. Those of you who know Jody know that one of his favorite pass times is making new friends.

So, he's pumped and ready for tomorrow (church).

Hope you all have had a great weekend too.

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