Tuesday, July 3, 2007


So, in kind of a part II to the last post...

I love the author Sally Clarkson. She has a ministry dealing with mothers and family stuff. I've never been to one of her conferences but I'd love to.

I LOVE her book The Mission of Motherhood. I am currently reading The Ministry of Motherhood. Yesterday, as the kids were having nap time, I sat down, so frustrated with myself and the kids and needing Jody to come home and give me some relief. My mind was reeling. And I picked up that book. I have read the introduction like 5 times. Everytime I put the book down, I forget the introduction and re-read it. So, finally I was one like chapter ONE.

And man, it really struck a chord. The Lord really used to to speak to me.

Sally talked about GRACE. About how Jesus used such grace when with the disciples. They were DUMB and constantly messing up. Like children. Constant spills and messes and accidents. Ugh.

Now Jesus did rebuke them sometimes. He corrected them sometimes. The disciples were far from perfect.

As I administer grace to my kids, I am showing them a picture of the Grace that Jesus has offered to us.

We need to teach grace in 2 ways. One by helping our children to receive grace. You know, not yelling, fussing, sighing, rolling my eyes at my kids. But rather acting in patience and kindness and gentleness. This leads to teaching about the grace of Salvation. The second is teaching them to give grace. These 2 things are the 2 greatest commandments Jesus was talking about. Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor. Isn't that neat?? I've never really thought of GRACE in this practical way in regards to teaching my children.

Its not the words I say, it is the example I can play out infront of those little eyes and ears. Its in the way I serve them with a good attitude.

Didn't mean to be preachy, but God really spoke to me about this in my own life.

On a different note, YAY....Jody's home. We are all SO happy.

Happy 4th of July.

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Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Emily, thank you for the reminder!! I love that book too! The funny thing is that I haven't gotten past chapter one either. I have read it several times. It is SO good. I will pick it back up after camp finishes, and I am determined to go all the way through it this time.
I am so glad that Jody is home again.